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Boom or Bust?

In today’s current market is it Boom or Bust? If you pay attention to the media you would believe that ‘doomsday’ is just around the corner. You know, the Global credit crisis, the dropping value in the Aussie Dollar, Share market, etc.

The big question is “How do we make money in today’s environment?”

By observing the market, researching your objectives and being positioned to take advantage of any good buys that come along in property or the share market. By being positioned, we mean having funds available to effect the purchase of these items.

Many of the richest people in Australia take advantage of this strategy. Buying when the market is low and selling when the market is high.

The other key is, “To Take Action.”

So if you have equity in your property, take action now and call us today to review your position and take advantage of today’s market.

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Note: The above is not Financial advice and we recommend you should speak with your own financial advisor/planner

Need a JP?

Did you know here at Fraser Financial Services we have a Qualified Justice of the Peace and a Commissioner of Declarations? Another service we can offer to you. Feel free to call by and have your documents witnessed at no cost.

When Irish eyes are smiling

When Irish eyes are smiling, the whole world smiles with you. The 2008 Masters International Rules Test (hybrid game of AFL & Gaelic Football) has just announced that Game 1 between Australia & Ireland will be held on the Gold Coast.

Come out and Cheer on the local boys : Sunday, October 26th at Len Peak Oval, Appel Street, Kirra. Coach Paul Hudson along with other past AFL players will be seen battling it out on the park. Be sure to catch Ian Fraser in action... to be sure!

Mortgage Tips

1. Change your monthly payment to weekly or fortnightly to reduce daily interest.

2. Pay more than the prescribed amount to reduce the principle interest charges.

3. Consolidate high interest debts ie. credit cards, store cards, personal loans.

4. Call Jeff on 07 5576 6299 or click here to explore other possibilities.

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